Call for Concept Notes for Grants to Support Public Private Partnership Development

January 29, 2019 1:46 pm

The West Africa Biodiversity and Climate Change (WA BiCC) Program is implemented by Tetra Tech ARD on behalf of USAID. The overall goal of WA BiCC is to improve biodiversity conservation and promote climate-resilient and low-emission development across West Africa. WA BiCC is soliciting Concept Notes from qualifying grant applicants interested in developing public- private partnerships (PPPs) that support sustainable natural resource management, combat wildlife trafficking (CWT) and/or  improve eco-friendly and sustainable livelihood development within forest-buffer communities. These partnerships could be with private sector companies that are ready to adopt (or  indirectly incentivize) sustainable practices or with others looking to fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives.

Example Activities eligible for support in WA BiCC targeted countries include but are not limited to:

  • PPPs between eco-tourism companies, NGOs and other private sector and local government entities interested in supporting eco-tourism;
  • PPPs between buyers of non-timber forest products or agricultural products grown by communities living around protected forest areas that support sustainable natural resources management (NRM).
  • PPPs that support income generating activities that have lesser impact on (or support regeneration of ) wildlife or forest resources.
  • PPPs that promote the adoption of new technologies that support sustainable NRM, community forest management, CWT and awareness of the importance of maintaining protected forest areas.
  • PPPs that support the promotion of intensive agroforestry systems and linkages to markets.


Who may apply: The following types of entities are eligible to apply: private enterprises or firms, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs); Community-Based Organizations (CBOs); international, national, regional, local orgs; Non-US NGOs; US NGOs (up to $100,000); private foundations and universities; associations.

If interested, please view the full Call for Concept Notes below.

WABiCC-APS-001 for PPP

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