Logistic Officer

July 20, 2018 10:20 am


Working under the overall direction of the Office Manager in Accra in coordination and collaboration with project technical staff, the Logistics Officer will have the primary responsibility of ensuring the timely provision and delivery of all required project administrative support, manage facilitation of travel, events and workshops, assist with procurement activities, asset, fleet and inventory management for the WA BiCC program.



  • Assist the Office Manager in the general management of the project office.
  • Assist the Office Manager in local staff and consultant recruitment, hiring, and contracting;
  • Coordinate logistical support for flights, travel, conferences, meetings and training workshops;
  • Ensure proper travel insurance is maintained at all times, as needed;
  • Ensure up-to-date invoicing from travel agency;
  • Maintain filing system for general correspondence, information and program files;
  • Maintain and forward to Tetra Tech ARD Home Office updated listing of in-country staff and key contacts list;
  • In collaboration with the DCOP-Operations, maintain Tetra Tech ARD inventory control system and carry out annual property physical inventory verification on the contract anniversary date;
  • Ensure compliance of WA BiCC program operations with USAID, local Government, and Tetra Tech ARD Home Office administrative policies and guidelines;
  • Respond to pertinent information requests from project partners and other relevant organizations/institutions;
  • Administer and manage the efficient utilization and maintenance of project resources, including vehicles, IT and office equipment and furnishings, and any other physical assets purchased by or assigned to the project;
  • Advise the Office Manager and DCOP/ops on all policy matters concerning project administration and operational management.
  • Performing other duties assigned by the Office Manager or DCOP/Ops


In collaboration with the Accra Office Manager and DCOP/Ops:

  • Contribute to procurement process for office property, expendable supplies and services;
  • Foresee needs, recommend solutions and conduct tendering procedures as appropriate;
  • Ensures full compliance and application of standard USAID procurement rules, procedures and best practices;
  • Prepares purchase orders (after getting necessary quotations and authorization) or draft contracts;
  • Updates the field office procurement tracker;
  • Follow-up on the activities and tasks undertaken by contractors as indicated in the signed service/procurement contracts or Purchase Orders;
  • Develop and/or updates suppliers list and pricelists used by the Office;
  • Verify the invoices received in relation with Purchase Orders or Contracts issued and compiles all required documents together with the invoice to be submitted to the Office Manager and Finance staff in charge of the accounts;
  • Verify and follow-up on warranties and after sales services offered by providers;
  • Corresponds and negotiates with all vendors on procurement related matters ensuring transparency;
  • As and when required, shall participate on technical and financial evaluation committees;
  • Draft subcontract or purchase order and coordinate approvals with Office Manager and DCOP/Ops;
  • In collaboration with the Office Manager, finalize negotiations with vendors for cost and contract terms;
  • Coordinate with USAID and local Government the tax exemption and duty free status for procured goods and services;
  • Oversee vendor and contractor payments;
  • Assist in the preparation of work plans, budgets, and procurement plans;
  • Updates and ensure proper renovation of contracts respecting the delays needed for tenders and administrative request authorization for (office premises insurance, equipment insurance, security, ICT, vehicles insurances, office renting contract, office maintenance and cleaning,…).

Asset, Fleet and Inventory Management

  • Check the good condition of the property owned by the WA BiCC program;
  • Follow-up on the use of the program property and reports on all changes (e.g. stock tacking and tracking);
  • Oversee and ensure proper maintenance and functioning of office equipment and furniture ensuring timely repairs when required;
  • Set up work station for new staff to ensure furniture and non ICT equipment are properly installed;
  • Verify the monthly vehicle and generator use report and preparation of the logistics monthly report;
  • Coordinates the movements and activities of the office driver;
  • Oversee and ensure proper maintenance and management of vehicles and drivers e.g. repair, maintenance, monthly mileage check, usage purposes as well as licenses and insurance coverage;
  • Follow-up on accident/incident reports with the police, informing insurance company, preparing and sending all relevant documents;
  • Follow-up on inventory and updates in case of purchase, transfer, donation and written off in the Inventory Database;
  • Verify the labeling of all property goods in conformity with the inventory database;
  • Verify and update monthly inventory list to be included in the monthly financial report;
  • Verify the state of the property goods and recommend maintenance/reparation or declassification;
  • Prepares the annual depreciation inventory lists related to office equipment insurances and submit to the line manager;
  • Assist with and ensure before departure of any staff, end of contract check list is completed and ensure that all the items that were entrusted to the person are returned in a good state.


EDUCATION:  The candidate will have a degree or a certificate in a related field; relevant work experience will substitute for a university degree.

WORK EXPERIENCE:        The ideal candidate for the Logistics Officer will have at least 3 years’ experience working in a similar position, preferably for a similarly sized program. He or she will have experience working with support staff and have demonstrable experience establishing and maintaining effective office information management systems including files, hardware, software, and technical support. He or she will have experience with lease agreements and office maintenance needs. The candidate will also have experience with employee onboarding including interviews and consultant agreements. He or she will preferably have familiarity with USAID safety and security procedures

 SKILLS:                               Excellent interpersonal skills, including patience, diplomacy, willingness to listen and respect for colleagues. Must be capable of working both individually and as part of a team. Must also be able to create a supportive working relationship among all project teams.

 LANGUAGES:                       Fluent in English, Professional Proficiency in French desired

Tetra Tech is committed to diversity and gender equality in all of its operations—in the US and overseas.  We strive to reflect these goals in our global mission and in our workforce.  We encourage applications from women and underrepresented ethnic, racial and cultural groups. Tetra Tech ARD is proud to be an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.




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