Job Vacancy: Consultant Responsible for Updating/Revising the Mano River Union Strategic Plan

August 8, 2018 9:08 am

We are inviting qualified candidates for the above role within the active West Africa Biodiversity and Climate Change (WA BiCC) program.  This is a multi-year USAID-funded program to improve conservation and climate-resilient, low emission growth across West Africa. 


The Manu River Union was established on October 3, 1973 to remove common obstacles to trade through cooperation among the four countries constituting the Union. The MRU secretariat was set up to provide the necessary leadership as well as administrative and technical support to facilitate the achievement of the Union’s objectives.  In this regard, the sub regional institution developed a strategic plan for the period 2010 – 2020.  As the end of this first strategic plan draws closer, it is important to develop a second plan which takes account of the critical challenges within the Union and those flowing from international frameworks such as Agenda 2063 of the African Union and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The aim of this assignment is to conduct a participatory process of updating/revising the MRU strategic plan. To this end, the Consultant will review the relevant literature and reports. He will also endeavor to gather the views and opinions of stakeholders, including staff of the MRU Secretariat during individual interviews and workshops that will be held at key stages of the process.   At the end of the study, the consultant is expected to produce the three following documents: 1) an analysis of gaps in the implementation of the current strategic plan, 2) a draft revised strategic plan comprising a vision, guidelines, objectives and measures to achieve these objectives; 3) a complete and validated version of the strategic plan with an operational action plan backed by a budget.

The key responsibilities are as follows: 

  • Provide technical leadership and advice to the Secretariat during the revision of the plan. During this period, the consultant will review all the relevant documents concerning the plan, request for comments and clarifications on all issues of concern, including visits and dialogues with partners in Freetown;
  • Draw up a balance sheet of achievements, gaps and challenges in the implementation of the current strategic plan;
  • Present this report on the analysis of gaps within the MRU staff and management team during a workshop, with special emphasis on identified priorities;
  • Prepare and submit the draft revised strategic plan and operational strategy to the Secretariat and for validation during an inclusive workshop (MRU representatives, country experts, NGOs technical and financial partners);
  • Finalize and submit the final draft of the strategic plan, including the operational plan to the MRU Secretariat; and
  • Prepare and submit a final assignment report.


The consultant must hold a Masters or Doctorate in Social Sciences, be a development practitioner with at least ten years of experience in participatory development planning. He/she must have an excellent knowledge of results based planning tools.


  • An overall experience of at least 15 years;
  • Ten years’ experience in participatory development planning;
  • At least two similar assignments;
  • A good knowledge of institutions or organizations with similar missions;
  • Working experience in a multicultural and multilingual environment.


Competent/excellent in the deployment of strategic planning methods, especially planning by objectives and results based planning. Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to work in a multicultural environment. The consultant should be able to work on an individual basis and within a team. He should be able to establish working and support relations among all project teams.


Approximately 40 working days, starting from Monday September 10th, 2018.


Must be fluent in English and a working knowledge of French will be an additional asset.


To be considered, applicants must submit as part of the online application process the following:

  • An application letter explaining individual qualifications for this opportunity and the detailed methodology of the intervention with a chronogram of the consultation;
  • A CV in a reverse chronological order format;
  • A list of at least 4 professional references including their name, address and a statement of relationship with the reference.

Applications that do not meet the minimum requirements stated above shall not be considered. No telephone call shall be accepted.

Requests should be sent by e-mail, subject “Expression of Interest for the Study on the Update of the Mano River Strategic Plan”, to the following email addresses: with in copy.

The deadline for submission of the expression of interest is August 25, 2018. 

Tetra Tech is committed to diversity and gender equality in all its operations in the United States and abroad. We endeavor to reflect these objectives in our world mission and personnel. We encourage women and members of under-represented ethnic, racial and cultural groups to apply. Tetra Tech ARD is proud to be an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.    


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