A photo of women in Fornor Town Sokpo Clan in Porkpa District engaged in lowland rice farming.

Sustainable Farming Method Brings New Hope for the Conservation of Gola Forest National Park

Feb 28, 2020

By Mark Dahn   In Liberia, upland rice farming and shifting cultivation are practised by many rural farmers. The people of lower Sokpo Clan in Grand Cape Mount County near the Gola Forest National Park (GFNP) are known for practising this unsustainable farming method, which is a major threat to the park because the farmers…

A frog on a leaf.

Fanged Frogs, Dwarf Crocodiles and Folding Tortoises? Welcome to West Africa

Jan 22, 2020

By Fauna & Flora International Forget the peculiar creatures populating the pages of Alice in Wonderland. This is your chance to follow in the footsteps of the intrepid explorers who have just delved deep into a West African fantasy world filled with fanged frogs, lipstick-wearing snakes and folding tortoises. Last year, with support from the United…


Guardians of the Forest

Dec 09, 2019
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Felicia Kyne may not look like a superhero. She can’t fly and does not carry magical weapons. But the soft-spoken 23-year-old woman from a remote village in Liberia is on the frontlines of a global battle to preserve biodiversity. Read the full story here.

People planting trees in the field.

Creating Environmentally Friendly Livelihoods in Forest-buffer Communities in the Kindia Region of Guinea

Dec 04, 2019
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By Nouhou Ndam, WA BiCC Forestry and Landscape Coordinator Guinea is known as the “Water Reservoir” of West Africa.” Many rivers, including the Niger, Senegal River and Gambia River, originate from Guinea and flow across over a dozen countries. Guinea is endowed with biodiversity that is unique in West Africa, especially in its dense and…


Honey Money

Dec 01, 2019
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The tropical stillness is cut by the sound of a low-speed buzzsaw. Or so I think. On closer listen, this is the drone of thousands of buzzing bees. I instinctively tense up. My mind screams danger. To Jenkins Zarweah, the sound of bees is the sound of music. He smiles broadly as bees buzz benignly…

A chimpanzee in the forest.

From Anomalure to Zebra Duiker – Spotlight on West Africa’s Mammals

Nov 22, 2019
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By Fauna & Flora International If you thought zebra duiker and otter shrew were four different animals, think again. These are just two of the elusive creatures that Fauna & Flora International (FFI) and partners were hoping to track down during recent surveys of large and small mammals in one of West Africa’s most important…

A large hall with people seated.

My first ever CITES CoP as a Communicator, an Environmentalist, and a West African.

Sep 03, 2019
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In Robert Cialdini’s (Ph.D) book, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, he explains the power of reciprocation in advocacy, and brings the common saying, “One good deed deserves another” to life. He gives powerful examples of how people feel obliged to return a favor. Since reading this book about four years ago, I have used some…

A picture of a man in a chimpanzee costume.

Our Biodiversity, Our Future: Liberia Marks World Biodiversity Day 2019 to Draw Attention to the Threat of Illegal Wildlife Trade

May 22, 2019
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Liberia is on track to losing significant populations of its wildlife and stands a risk of having some of its critically endangered species being completely wiped out in ten years if no action is taken. Mama Liberia is blessed with the largest remaining portion (42%) of the Upper Guinea rainforest; a forest that runs through…

Men training women in the forest

The Training of Female Community Ecoguards Boosts Protection of Liberia’s National Parks

May 22, 2019
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All over the world, women are excelling in roles that were previously reserved for men. Living proof of this paradigm shift can be found in Liberia, where more and more women are training to be Community Ecoguards, a position that has since been perceived as male-dominated at Grebo-Krahn National Park. The active participation of women…


Nigeria Gears Up to Combat Wildlife Crime

Mar 29, 2019
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Porous borders. Lack of awareness. Commit to change. Certain phrases kept resonating at a high-level stakeholders’ meeting in Abuja on Wednesday, March 27, 2019, that convened government agencies and their private sector and civil society partners intent on combatting wildlife crime in Nigeria and along its borders. Wildlife crime, which includes trafficking and illegal trade…