Two elephants walking through the forest.

Elephants’ “Road Trip” from Guinea to Liberia Shows Promise of Transboundary Agreements

Sep 14, 2020
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By Chaz Kyser   Transboundary agreements between Guinea and Liberia to better protect and manage their shared forests and wildlife proved beneficial for two forest elephants that decided they didn’t need visas or face masks to travel between the two West African countries.   The elephants, “threatened with extinction” according to the Convention on the…

Photo showing a man being taken away by police for attempting to sell a baby chimpanzee.

Improved Law Enforcement Coordination Leads to Two Convictions for Illegal Poaching and Pet Trading in Liberia

Jun 26, 2020
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By Jacob Tweh, Communication Officer, Wild Chimpanzee Foundation   For the first time in the Taï-Grebo-Krahn-Sapo (TGKS) Transboundary Forest Landscape shared by Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire, convictions have been made for illegal poaching and wildlife trafficking on the Liberian side. The quick crackdown on these unlawful acts is credited to the work of the Transboundary…

A group of men standing and taking measurements in the estuary.

Sierra Leone Validates Climate Change Adaptation Plan as Stakeholders Prepare for Action

May 23, 2019
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Sierra Leone is ranked among countries highly vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change; in 2017, Sierra Leone ranked third most vulnerable nation after Bangladesh and Guinea Bissau to adverse effects of climate change (, 2017). In the midst of this, the National Government and development partners are committed to taking urgent actions critical…

Two women and a men sitting at the high table.

Strengthening Regional Partnership for Sustainable Natural Resource Management

May 22, 2019
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In a bid to further strengthen the working relationship between the Mano River Union (MRU) and the West Africa Biodiversity and Climate Change (WA BiCC) Program, the two organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Freetown, Sierra Leone on February 20, 2019. The MOU was designed to support activities to combat wildlife trafficking; increase…

A man delivering a speech at the podium.

The Abidjan Convention Strategic Role in Ocean Governance

May 22, 2019
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A key principle of the USAID-funded West Africa Biodiversity Conservation (WA BiCC) Program is to work in partnership with regional partner institutions to strengthen and enhance their capacity. This is to most effectively address those environmental issues that underpin their core mandates. The support provided through these partnerships is mutual, as it also enhances WA…


Nigeria Gears Up to Combat Wildlife Crime

Mar 29, 2019
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Porous borders. Lack of awareness. Commit to change. Certain phrases kept resonating at a high-level stakeholders’ meeting in Abuja on Wednesday, March 27, 2019, that convened government agencies and their private sector and civil society partners intent on combatting wildlife crime in Nigeria and along its borders. Wildlife crime, which includes trafficking and illegal trade…


Three Steps Forward for Transboundary Collaboration between Guinea and Liberia

Mar 19, 2019
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Representatives of two of West Africa’s most important forest nations, Guinea and Liberia, have made strong commitments to continue conserving the Upper Guinean forest ecosystem, and to manage these globally unique forests for the wellbeing of people on both sides of the border. Converging at the Voinjama, Liberia City Hall on February 5-6, 2019, stakeholders…



Feb 12, 2019
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Community Youth Join the Ranks to Protect the Wonegizi Forest A major factor and critical step in successful conservation is getting people to understand and appreciate the value of biodiversity in all of its aspects. Biodiversity is a scientific concept that has many similarities to traditional conservation and respect for the living world. Therefore, another…

News Mentions

Liberia-Guinea to sign Framework on Trans-boundary Forest Conservation

Feb 08, 2019
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Voinjama, Liberia- The governments of Liberia and Guinea are to shortly signed a bilateral framework agreement on the conservation and sustainable management of the Ziama-Wonegizi-Wologizi Transboundary Forest Landscape in Liberia’s northwestern Lofa County. The decision follows a two-day validation meeting of two key instruments, which brought together 71 representatives from the both countries in Liberia Northwestern…


Using Vulnerability Assessments to Manage Climate Risks on West Africa’s Coasts

Oct 27, 2018
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Many communities along the coast of West Africa are susceptible to the impacts of climate change, including sea level rise, unpredictable weather patterns, and increased flooding. These impacts, which threaten properties and human lives, are further exacerbated by other human-induced risks stemming from the unsustainable use of natural resources. These include risks like unplanned development…