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Love, conflict, and suspense: WA BiCC kickstarts the design of a radio drama to promote coastal resilience to climate change

Oct 29, 2018
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An Entertainment-Education Radio Drama Design Workshop held in Port Loko, Sierra Leone on October 10-12, promised a new and exciting learning experience for coastal Sierra Leone! Participants at the workshop were impressed to learn more about the richness of the coastal ecosystems that exist in the country, including where many of the participants live. The…


Enhancing Food Security, Increasing Coastal Resilience

Jun 04, 2018
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Integrated Rice–Mangrove Cultivation brings Renewed Hope to Farmers. Rice–mangrove integration, also known as rice agro–silviculture, is a best practice employed in several African countries such as The Gambia, Guinea and Senegal as a smart way of sustaining food security while increasing resilience to climate impacts and promoting biodiversity conservation. In other countries, this practice concentrates…